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Dear Dad - A journey of appreciation across generations

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

One of the best feelings in the world is having a Dad who has your back.

They may not look as flashy as how they show their love; they may be too subtle to show how they really feel, but deep inside, they really care.

Last Father’s day, we celebrated with all the Dads and their families at the most loved mall in the South - Alabang Town Center.

Here are some activities that happened:

Dad's Dream Rides

Get up close with your favorite car brands from sleek sports cars to powerful SUV's.

Thrill for the Grill

Get fired up with a BBQ demo on top-tier gear.

Movies and Munchies

Level up your movie experience with a special snack pack.

Snaps with Dad

Get a keepsakes photo when you visit out Father's day activities.

Drum Circle Jam

Participate in a n interactive group drumming activity with your dad or friends.

AmaZING Treat

Get a treat when your download the Zing App and link your Gcash or Credit card.

Father's day event organized by: VVVV Events Management Services

4X4 Hitchpro Recreation

Motul Philippines & Tuason Racing

Overland Outfitters 4X4

Racing Car Simulator by Tuason Racing

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